Teachers training
Participated in a 7 days workshop on online teaching programs, videos making, uploading of videos on digital platforms. Many more seminars and workshops were organized by the Institute for staff growth and up gradations in the field of teaching learning process. Attained Diksha app of one day workshop.
With the Academic curriculum students enjoy the scientific and social projects, virtual field trips of forts, farming and agriculture. Work experience activities and crafts make their excitement one level up.

Parents Teacher Association Committee

Name of the member


Contact No.

Dr. Aarefa Shafique ShaikhChair Person9920455870
Mrs. Amita Ram MhatreVice Chair Person9167916419
Mrs.Asmita Mahadev ThakurSecretary7039241033
Mr. Gunvant Bapu KheratkarJoint Secretary7208055438
Mr. Vinod Ravindra PatilJoint Secretary9987922573
Mrs. Rekha AppaduraiMember(Grade Representative)9769370275
Mrs.Snehal Santosh DeshmukhMember(Grade Representative)9967281467
Mrs.Sulakshana Vivekanand ShettyMember(Class Representative)9224451315
Mrs. Runam KumariMember(Class Representative)9372689370

Our Staff

Name of the staff



Dr. Aarefa ShaikhD.S.M. D.Lit. M.A./M.Ed.,M.com.Principal
Bharati Rajendra PotdarM.A. M.LibLibrarian
Rupali MhatreA.T.D.,G.D.Art, A.MPRT
Monali Sanjeev DhokeB.A. Sangeet VisharadPRT
Shivaji Ankushrao Dongardive M.A. M.P.EdPTI
Dipavali Gorakshanath KoliM.A. B.Ed.TGT
Pooja Sunil TelageB.Sc. B.Ed.TGT
Dipali Manohar KharatM.A. B.Ed.TGT
Geetika Rupesh AgrawalM.A. B.Ed.TGT
Sneha Amit PatilB.Sc. Computer Science M.C.ATGT
Komal Rajaram AchareB.A. B.Ed.TGT
Amita Maruti NalavadeM.A. B.Ed.TGT
Saroj Rajesh SinghM.A. B.Ed.TGT
Snehal Santosh DeshmukhM.Sc. B.EdTGT
Sushama Nitesh SorateM.A. B.Ed.TGT
Vinanti Janardan UlvekarB.Sc B.EdTGT
Asmita Dhnyaneshwar KharatM.A. B.Ed.TGT
Vijaya Raosaheb KaleB.Sc. B.Ed.TGT
Namita Santosh RawariyaM.Com. B.Ed.TGT
Savita Umesh SawantM.A. B.Ed.TGT
Jaya SinceM.Sc. B.EdTGT
Sushant Tukaram PatilM.Sc. B.EdTGT
Anuja Bhauso ShejalM.Sc. B.EdTGT
Priyanka Rajeev KambleB.A. B.EdTGT
Rekha AppaduraiB.A. B.Ed. CounsellorWellness Teacher

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Location: Devad - Vichumbe, New Panvel, TAL- Panvel, Dist- Raigad, Adjacent to Mumbai- Pune Express Highway.

Telephone: (+91) 9920 098 088 / (+91) 9769 370 275 / (+91) 8976 196 534.

Email: [email protected]

School Hours: 8.00 AM - 12.30 PM